Frequently Asked Questions

UCHI is a Portuguese brand, which belongs to Aresta Group, and develops solutions for the tourism and residential housing market.

Yes! We take care of all the necessary stages for the licensing. 

Yes. During our existence, we have already solved and overcome several problems with our clients' properties. Who knows if we don't have the solution for your situation. 

Using prefabrication methods, it is possible to build a 25m2 UCHI T0 in less than two weeks. 

With traditional construction methods (reinforced concrete) we have already executed 300m2 projects in less than 8 months. 

UCHI is able to respond to the most diverse range of works. We have constructive solutions for the mid-market as well as the high and luxury segment.

UCHI doesn't just sell a house. We provide a whole support service to our customers such as:

  • Land survey and consultation of its information (Free)
  • Pre-studies and solution budgeting (Free)
  • Search for financial solutions (Free)
  • We provide architectural, engineering and licensing process handling services
  • We build either conventionally or with new methods
  • We provide maintenance to our customers 

UCHI aims to establish itself as a differentiating brand in the residential and tourism market. To this end, we will invest in our own rural tourism spaces and the creation of an investment real estate listing with private equity.

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