Mais do que uma casa!

More than a house!

UCHI is an alternative housing solution suitable for an eco-friendly or green lifestyle. It is designed for people that are constantly on the move: wouldn’t it be great to take your house with you? That’s one of the many ideas behind UCHI modular housing.

Do you need an office? A meeting room? A coffee shop? A sales spot? A tourist office? A home? A place for your country holidays? We provide all of this and a lot more!

So how do you take your UCHI with you? It’s easy! With our hooking system you can move the house anywhere and anytime with little or no impact to your UCHI.

T0 25,50m2

T1 36,50m2

T2 46,50m2

Bathhouse 28m2

Sales Spot 12m2

Coffee Shop & Sales Spot 25,50m2

You are the artist!

You can personalize and choose every single material that we use in the construction of your UCHI, both interior and exterior, to make it ideal for you. We want to create something that fully satisfies your expectations.

Seeing, touching and experiencing!

Seeing is believing. That’s why we invite you to visit us – there’s nothing like looking, touching and experiencing our products first-hand so you can get to know all the possibilities that 25,50m2 can have.

You can find us at Rua Francisco Augusto Alvim, nº 66, 4700-048 Real – Braga

UCHI More than a house!